Letters to the Editor

Ugly airport

I have been traveling to Europe off and on since I retired two years ago. I was impressed by the modern styling and cleanliness of the airports in Barcelona, Madrid and Mallorca. Airport personnel spoke to me in English as soon as they knew I was from the United States.

Much to my dismay, when I return to Miami International Airport, I find that it is still undergoing a facelift and looks like it belongs in a poor country. The design is ugly and not welcoming as European airports are.

The bathrooms are smelly and not attended to often enough.

And the final blow is when most of the airport employees automatically address me in Spanish, not English, and get annoyed when I asked them to speak our native tongue. I am embarrassed for such an upscale city like Miami to welcome foreign guests.

From now on, I am going to try to fly out and into the airport in Fort Lauderdale. Shame on you, Miami.

Gabby Delgado,

Pembroke Pines