Letters to the Editor

Pass Workforce Act

In the wake of the tragic shooting against members of Congress this month, officials from both sides of the aisle vowed to come together to find common ground. Last week, an overwhelming bipartisan majority of the House of Representatives answered that call when we passed my bill with Democratic Rep. Danny Davis, of Illinois, the “Accelerating Individuals into the Workforce Act.”

A job is something that dignifies the human condition. It is an opportunity for every individual to make a contribution to their families, their local communities, and to our country. This bill is an innovative solution that will give more people access to that opportunity.

The legislation connects Americans looking for work with employers looking to fill job openings, including through apprenticeships and other forms of on-the-job training. It uses $100 million from the TANF Contingency Fund for grants so states can conduct demonstration projects intended to assist TANF recipients in entering the workforce and maintaining employment.

The American people expect both major parties to have our differences and disagreements, but they also expect us to find common ground, and I am proud that this week Republicans and Democrats have done this in favor of those who need it most — welfare recipients and needy families in our country. I hope the Senate will take this bill up and send it to the president’s desk swiftly.

U.S. Rep.Carlos Curbelo, Miami