Letters to the Editor

Bashing Trump

I am amazed, although I probably shouldn’t be, that there are so many people writing to the Herald to bash President Trump, incredulous that he is undoing many of former President Obama’s policies.

Trump is in office for a reason: Enough people were unhappy with what Obama had done for the past eight years, feeling that his version of America was not in their best interests, his pseudo-socialist vision and acquiescence to other countries not good for the United States or, for that matter, the world order.

But there doesn’t seem to be any tolerance of a difference of opinion, given the vitriol that is printed on these pages from the Herald letter writers as well as all those who take the time to write editorials.

Detractors are relentlessly up in arms disparaging anybody that thinks differently, regardless of the thought and logic behind their reasons. People are almost afraid to express their opinion for fear of ridicule. It is a sad and sorry state of affairs.

What has happened to civility?

Richard D. Morales II,

Coral Gables