Letters to the Editor

Too much money

The sad reality of Georgia’s Congressional District 6 race is that no one really won. It’s impossible to do when $50 million was spent on winning an congressional election. Remember, nothing is free. There are some huge favors owed as a result, and I bet it won’t be in the majority’s best interest. It almost never is.

Think of it, $50 million spent while our middle class is being dismantled, many are workers are underpaid, schools systems are neglected.

Until we tackle serious campaign finance reform at the local, state and federal levels, we, the people, will continue to lose. Just look at the local Miami Commission District 3 race, and the overwhelming amounts of fundraising. All to be the next commissioner of Little Havana and take part in its demise as we know it today.

We need reform, and we need it fast.

José Suárez,