Letters to the Editor

The other side

We live a disturbingly divided country. One side identifies as being liberal or progressive. The other conservative. But the terms vague.

Lose your job, and there is unemployment available. Find yourself broke without any resources, and there are food stamps. Reach your older years, and there is a bit of help through Social Security. Those and other programs that make our lives easier than they would be because of the efforts of one side of the two political philosophies.

The other side claims to be the advocates of freedom. Yet, ironically, is also embraces a faction that seeks to claim freedom in the form of exclusionary behavior as part of practicing their religion.

The social division might be mitigated a bit if we had a National Role Reversal Week. A week where those who strongly believe in one of the two philosophies makes an honest intellectual effort to investigate and role play the other position. Attempting to mentally walk in another’s shoes might help take the edge off our toxic environment.

Sid Kaskey,

South Miami