Letters to the Editor

Fernand Amandi missed

I was upset when I heard that 610 WIOD, which traditionally spews ultra-right-wing rhetoric cancelled the only voice of reason it had on the air. The station abruptly canceled Fernand Amandi, a progressive talk-show host who brought interesting commentary from the opposite side as the usual rhetoric, citing cost-cutting measures.

Of course, Amandi had been critical of President Trump and the ultra-right, but he was respectful and courteous even to nasty callers. This is another example of the ultra-right silencing the left as Trump’s doctrine exemplifies.

That said, when are we going to have a progressive middle-ground radio station in Miami? In this day and age, such a station is necessary since all we have is the hatred from the right on WIOD and too many sports stations who are only worried about LeBron.

Herman L. Irizarry, Miami