Letters to the Editor

Exploiting divisions

I am so tired of Trump supporters blaming Democrats for not giving the president a chance. President Trump never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity. It is not my job to reach out to the White House. It is their job to reach out to me.

Trump could have balanced his ticket. Instead, he chose Mike Pence. He could have nominated a more centrist judge for the Supreme Court. Instead he chose Neil Gorsuch. Trump could have surrounded himself with moderate, knowledgeable, and reasonable advisers. Instead he chose the likes of Steve Bannon and Mike Flynn. He chose to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement, appoint “cabinet ministers” to head agencies they want to eliminate and grossly undermine the importance of a free and open press.

The buck doesn’t stop on my desk — it stops on his. If Trump wants to be everyone’s president, he should take responsibility for the deep divide in our country, stop pandering to his extremist base, and reach out to all Americans. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

Lillian Andron,

North Miami Beach