Letters to the Editor

Russian meddling

During the recent testimony of former FBI Director James Comey, I was alarmed to learn that Russia has engaged in an active and well-documented campaign of cyber attacks against U.S. institutions and attacked again during the 2016 election. Director Comey warned that the Russians will attack again in 2018 and 2020. Why are we not fighting mad about this declaration of war against us by the Russians dictatorship?

I am alarmed that several members of President Trump’s campaign and his appointees — including the former head of national security and the attorney general — were involved in discussions with the Russians during the election. What was the nature of these discussions and were the Russians encouraged by Trump’s men to press the attacks against Hillary Clinton?

In his questioning of Comey, our own Sen. Marco Rubio passed on the chance to explore the very real possibility of treason by Trump’s operatives and perhaps the president himself. Pity that his responsibility as an American didn’t weigh as heavy as his deference to the Republican administration.

Tony Saiz, Miami