Letters to the Editor

Sit with Roxcy

Last week’s memorial tribute to the late Roxcy Bolton was a reminder to us all that we should never forget her or her life-long battle for justice.

Her passing was not only a loss to her family but also to her beloved Coral Gables, Miami-Dade County, the state of Florida, and the nation.

She fought the good fight not only for big causes but also for the seemingly inconsequential ones. But there were no inconsequential fights. All of them had consequences for at least one person. And she fought as vigorously for that one person, man or woman, of every race and background, as she did for national issues.

It was my privilege and honor to get to know Roxcy personally, the same as it was for sanitation workers and members of Congress. Unfortunately, I met her in the twilight of her years, after she claimed to have retired. But she was the most active retiree I ever met, attending city council meetings and speaking up, holding court at her local Publix or welcoming strangers into her living room to hear their problems and fly into action to resolve them.

Even as she prepared for her inevitable passing, she thought of ordinary people and the burdens that beset them. At the plot she had picked out for herself, she ordered a bench to be taken from her Coral Gables home and placed near her grave marker. She wanted people to visit her and unload their problems, even in death.

I invite everyone in the community to visit that gravestone at the City of Miami Cemetery in downtown Miami and sit a spell with Roxcy. I guarantee that her spirit will reinvigorate you and ease the road ahead.

David Nickell,

Miami Springs