Letters to the Editor

Related Group acts with integrity

In the June 16 story “Feds investigating Related Group project amid widening affordable housing probe” singles out The Related Group as the focus of an industry review by U.S. Attorney’s Office. The Related Group prides itself on doing things right. This goes beyond just the quality of our projects and extends to the way we do business, engage with our partners, and support the communities we serve.

Given recent events involving other companies in our industry, we understand that the U.S. Attorney's office is taking a close look at the entire affordable housing sector. This is the right thing to do, and we have been working cooperatively with it.

I consider our work in the affordable housing sector to be an obligation to the communities we serve. We have a long history of delivering quality projects, on time and on budget. For anyone to suggest otherwise is simply wrong.

The ethos of our company is integrity, honesty and transparency.

The Related Group has been working in this industry for 40 years without a blemish to our name. We have built almost 100,000 units and are immensely proud of our track record in both our quality and our principles. With regard to the project referenced in the article, it was completed under budget, and all fees associated with it were handled in a completely appropriate manner.

I have never, nor would I ever, tolerate impropriety. The ethical standards by which we operate are part of our company’s DNA and something staff, vendors, and partners know well.

The Miami Herald mentioned that a dozen companies were being reviewed. Yet, we were singled out because of our size and prominence.

We will continue to work with those reviewing the affordable-housing industry because it is the right thing to do. And we will continue to provide quality housing for those in need for the exact same reason.

Jorge Perez, CEO and chair, The Related Group, Miami