Letters to the Editor

Travel rules

The recent stories about the American student who was evacuated from North Korea got me thinking about foreign travel. As a former airline brat whose parents used to work for Pan Am, I would like to share words of advice my father gave me.

Remember that U.S. laws do not apply when you are in a foreign country. This is extremely important when traveling to countries with repressive laws.

My father saw Brits publicly flogged for public intoxication in Saudi Arabia. In pre-1990 Romania, soldiers with automatic weapons were ready to shoot my father because he was walking somewhere he shouldn’t have. When you travel, it’s their bat and ball, and their rules.

But maybe, it’s better to simply not travel to countries with repressive regimes. Why give these countries any of your money? Why offer any legitimacy to these nightmare states?

And women, please wear the local style of shroud if you travel to the Middle East. I was seriously goosed in a marketplace in Iran because I was alone wearing stylish jeans. Be mindful when you travel.

Neris Franco, Miami