Letters to the Editor

Finding truth

Thanks to the Miami Herald for reminding voters why we need to investigate the truth behind candidates’ words and actions as well as their Political Action Committees (PACs). The recent revelations about Miami Beach Commissioner Michael Grieco’s PAC point to exactly the kind of truth we need in order to make informed decisions about who we want to represent us in elected office. Words and actions did not match in this case, leading to questions about potential ethical lapses and, at the very least, lapses in judgment.

Campaign finance and PACs are legitimate issues for many voters. With so much money and the lack of transparency, people who care about good government need answers from candidates and elected officials.

Commissioner Grieco is now finding out just how much voters care because good journalists asked questions. If Grieco believes he should be “promoted” to Mayor because of his work as commissioner, he is sorely underestimating Beach residents’ concerns about transparency, judgment and ethics.

I will not vote for a candidate who chose to misrepresent his relationship with a PAC instead of explaining the facts. I hope other voters will do the same. There is too much at stake.

Christine Florez, Miami Beach