Letters to the Editor

We have to stop political fighting

Picture a quiet summer morning in America; a group of ordinary adult American men are playing baseball. Other ordinary citizens, everyday Americans, are out for a stroll, walking dogs, enjoying a lovely day in June.

Another ordinary looking American asks one of the players in the parking lot: “Who is practicing, the Democrats or the Republicans?” The answer is “Republican congressmen.”

Suddenly, all hell breaks lose. This ordinary looking person goes on a shooting rampage, critically wounding a Republican congressmen.

Why? Because the baseball players were Republicans and we are told that the shooter was a “Trump hater.”

Death and mayhem occurring in a peaceful Virginia community, not from some foreign terrorist, but from one of our own people “radicalized” by partisan politics which has gotten totally out of hand since the 2016 Presidential election.

In the years 1861-65 we Americans fought our Civil War, which left hundreds of thousands of Americans dead from the North and the South. Peace came only after bitter fighting between brother and brother when two great leaders, Lee and Lincoln, agreed to lay down their arms.

Isn’t it about time and passed time that the leaders of both Democrats and Republicans take to the airwaves and pronounce peace in the valley, no more fighting, no more hatred of the other side. All Americans need to work together as one people.

If Congressman Chuck Schumer; Hiliary Clinton; CNN; FOX; Hollywood celebrities and the media otherwise announce to their followers that, “Enough is enough — let’s have no more hatred and violence between fellow Americans over an election that President Trump won. Let us not descend into anarchy, from the left or right. We don’t need another Civil War. Instead, it is time we were civil to each other.

Robert E Pickard,