Letters to the Editor

Russia’s gain

Fabiola Santiago, in her June 14 column, “Zoo’s Magill not allowed to represent Dade in Cuba,“ is spot-on that the Trump/Rubio’s political shift on Cuba policy is disgraceful. The Cuban exile community, however, will rejoice at the announcement and Trump/Rubio will bask in their adoration. Unfortunately, there is much more to this story.

Bloomberg News reported that as Trump pulls out of most international agreements, China and Russia stand ready to fill in the gap.

As Cuba’s faltering government and economy is set to crumble with Raúl Castro stepping down soon, there are billions of Russian rubles ready to flood the island, prop up whatever new government emerges, while oligarchs buy up much of Havana’s prime real estate.

Much of Sunny Isles, North Miami Beach and Miami Beach has been lost to Russian oligarchs hiding behind LLCs while bankrolling President Trump and his failing investments.

Cuba’s well-deserved shot at true democracy will be stomped on by Trump/Rubio Friday. Moving forward, Cuba will again evolve into a Russian satellite just 90 miles from our shores, supported by the emerging Russian presence in Miami-Dade.

What Khrushchev failed to do, Putin will finally achieve with the conscious help of Trump and his treasonous administration.

Michael Moskwa,

North Miami