Letters to the Editor

Cuban exiles

Writer Vanessa Garcia is genuine in her desire to see stronger diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba in her June 14 oped, “Cuba, U.S. better off if their doors stay open.”

However, it’s unfortunate that Garcia is more concerned by the media’s “antagonistic,” “hardline,” and “Republican” image of Miami’s Cuban-American community than the image of the Ladies in White being dragged along the streets of Havana (and other municipalities) every Sunday morning by Cuban State Security.

Well, shame on the mainstream media, and shame on Garcia for continuously glossing over the fact that nearly 10,000 politically motivated arrests were documented in 2016, according to the Cuban Commission on Human Rights and National Reconciliation.

And it’s unfortunate that Garcia longs for the day that a political shift in Miami “chip[s] away at the Cuban-American hardline” instead of yearning for real, democratic change on the island, where fair elections are not held and peaceful dissidents are arbitrarily arrested.

I, too, am an American-born Cuban. I did not vote for Donald Trump, and I am not a Republican, but I do believe that the Castro oligarchy — the true hardliners in U.S.-Cuba relations — should make meaningful changes to their apartheid system so that the proverbial door remains open between both nations.

Charles Donate, Kendall