Letters to the Editor

Proactive reaction

As the nation mourns the horrific shooting of Republican congressmen on the peaceful baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia, I couldn’t help thinking that this incident — unlike all the others in recent years — strikes at our democracy like no other.

The speaker of the house, Paul Ryan, said it best: “An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.” This is a 9/11 moment, and a moment of national reconciliation.

In our daily lives, how do we react to political officials, family members, friends, and acquaintances who spew hate?

How do we react to people who approve of policies or political leaders that seem disastrous for our nation?

How do we react to people who scorn leaders and policies whom we hold dear? And how do we react when we are defeated and out-voted?

Here are some suggestions: Quit replying in kind. Keep our temper. Stand up for what we believe, but do so calmly. Try to respect our opponents. Get friendly with some of them.

Listen to opposing points of view. Rededicate ourselves to democracy. Vote, knowing there are no final defeats or victories.

Someone, somewhere has to say “Enough.” Let it begin with me.

Phillip Hubbart,