Letters to the Editor

Headline misleads

The headline and focus of the Herald’s June 12 article on Dr. Phillip Frost, “Namesake of Miami's new Frost Science Museum is a skeptic of man-made climate change,” demonstrates editorial bias.

The WLRN interview on which it was based covered a wide range of important topics over 90 minutes, but the Herald focused on less than five minutes of it. Toward the end, the article acknowledges Frost’s desire to have wide-ranging scientific discussions about the causes of climate change. But the headline and the bulk of the article focused on his questions about causes (among which, he noted, is the fact that the world has been undergoing climate change since its inception). Why not make the headline, “Museum namesake urges scientific discussion”?

In his radio interview, Frost discussed Miami’s challenges in providing top scientific and manufacturing talent to biotech companies, causing them to locate operations elsewhere. He also discussed his inspiration and goals for the science museum and the financial challenges it faces. These are all critical, immediate concerns for South Florida. Yet, in print, his remarks were isolated to one topic.

Raquel A. Rodriguez,

Key Biscayne