Letters to the Editor

Grieco’s excuses

Miami Beach Commissioner Mike Grieco, unquestionably, is the perfect example of why it’s virtually impossible to dig oneself out of a hole.

When a political action committee surfaced in Miami Beach with a $200,000 fund that included improper donations from some Miami Beach special interests, Grieco denied any connection with it.

However, Miami Herald stories proved the organizer to be Grieco’s friend and that Grieco did have connections to the PAC.

Yet, once again, he denied the allegation.

Subsequently, Herald reporters, with the help of forensic handwriting experts, proved Greico was on PAC filings.

When presented with that evidence, he later claimed that he is the lawyer for the PAC, and as such, could not admit his involvement because of client confidentiality — a ridiculous assertion.

Sadly, in today’s world, people have low expectations of public officials.

Unfortunately, Grieco’s blatant and brazen untruthfulness exceeds even the lowest of expectations.

Annsheila Turkel,

Miami Beach