Letters to the Editor

Cuba retread

On June 16, President Donald Trump will come to Miami to threaten Cuba with more of the same pain, suffering, and death that have changed nothing in 50 years. He’ll have some pastelitos and coffee with no less than Sen. Marco Rubio and his ilk at Versailles Restaurant and give, like an illegal drug, give an aging community a self-gratification high.

Instead of seeking solutions for the crushing financial crises in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, for the dire opioid drug addictions in West Virginia and New Hampshire, or the lawlessness in Chicago and Miami Gardens, Trump’s focus is to dismantle each of Obama’s accomplishments.

Long before Donald Trump uttered his silly threat to Cuba, President John F. Kennedy created a similar environment that led to the missile crisis in 1962, which brought the world to the brink of disaster.

Will Trump’s foul mouth and of lack of intellect allow him to diffuse the unnecessary crisis he is creating?

Alberto N. Jones,

Palm Coast