Letters to the Editor

Cancer vaccine

The Herald’s June 11 article “Cuban vaccine may turn lung cancer into chronic disease” has served two purposes. First, it has called to mind the fact that humanity is one family and that in many things, political cloud cover is merely an intrusion and often harmful to the general welfare.

The second conclusion is that in light of this important discovery, the quid pro quo arrangement between President Trump and Sen. Marco Rubio to negate the rapprochement between the United States and Cuba negotiated by President Obama will be harmful in many ways.

Scientific research that benefits humanity should never be a hostage of political machinations. The collaboration of research teams from the United States and Cuba will most likely speed up the testing of this important vaccine and the fine-tuning of its benefits.

Rubio’s desire to punish Cuba and prop up his bonafides among the hard-line Cuban-American voters of this state will negatively affect this important scientific effort and hurt cancer patients. Add to this all the other negative economic and social effects of the cozy little game being played out by the Trump administration and Rubio, and once again, political gamesmanship sacrifices human beings on the altar of power and control.

All Floridians who care about the continued exchange of scientific research should contact Rubio’s office and express their displeasure.

Now is not the time to bring back a foolish system that for almost 60 years has done nothing to benefit the people of Cuba or effect political change in that long-suffering country.

Maritza Silverio,

West Kendall