Letters to the Editor

Lame apology

Re Miami Beach Commissioner Kristen Rosen Gonzalez’s apology: They say people speak their true thoughts when they are drunk and when they are angry.

Rosen Gonzalez spoke hers from the dark side of her heart.

And I am sure there are those who travel in her circle who feel the same way when it comes to a whole lot of black folks getting together, regardless of whether they are causing a problem or not.

What amazes me is that some people’s blood boils over when a black criminal commits a crime and they want to punish all black people, as if the criminal represents all of us. But I guess small minds think alike.

So where was the outrage when this nonblack individual was driving down the Palmetto and fired a hundred rounds at civilians and police? And to top it off, he was taken alive. Kinda ironic, you think?

Anthony D. Richardson,

Leisure City