Letters to the Editor

Comey’s contempt

Former FBI Director James Comey stated that he believes that President Trump was attempting to curb an investigation because of the veiled words used when they spoke. He then asks the public to trust him because he is able to interpret the meaning of what Trump was “not exactly” saying in that conversation. Certainly, his explanation of that interpretation could be valid.

But Comey’s integrity seemed to derailed when he felt compelled to use a third party to leak the existence of his own notes to the press. A righteous man would have stood proudly and released the information himself, instead of hiding behind the shrouded efforts of a friend. If Comey were truly virtuous, he would have never stooped so low as to the use a third party.

The truth about the meaning of the conversation may never be known, but Comey’s actions would certainly lead any intelligent person to question his credibility simply based on his actions of espionage and intrigue.

Perhaps the truth is that Comey is just a scorned former employee with an ax to grind.

Douglas Reese,

Palmetto Bay