Letters to the Editor

Racism in Latin America

Re: Maria Murriel’s Other Views column on March 16 in condemnation of Univision commentator Rodner Figueroa’s comments about Michelle Obama are certainly correct. I would take issue though on the rest of her article, which condemns Hispanic countries for racism.

Although she was born in Peru and lived there for 11 years, after that, her upbringing reflects the reality of the United States where she was raised. The concept of racism against blacks in America is different than any racism that might exist in Hispanic America.

Black people usually live in their own communities and do not want to be “integrated” by force as was done in the United States. She talks about Afro-Latino soccer players and Afro-Peruvian activists, concepts that are unknown in Hispanic America.

Hyphenated nationalities or people do not exist, one is just a soccer player or a Peruvian, Colombian, etc. Hyphenation does not conduce to unity, but more divisiveness.

Guillermo A. Martinez, Coral Gables