Letters to the Editor

Cason lacks vision

On April 14, the city of Coral Gables will have the opportunity to elect its mayor and two commissioners.

This governing board will be responsible for making decisions that will have long-term implications in our quality of life and property values.

In a recent debate, Mayor Jim Cason said that he supports the Urban Village Project because it is a big project, it has underground parking and because it will generate taxes. Mayor Cason’s “bottom-line” mindset is visionless.

This project proposes a cinema and is about seven times bigger than CocoWalk. When CocoWalk was built more than 25 years ago, real-estate property values surrounding the area decreased.

The mayor’s main goal to increase tax revenues by sponsoring and supporting a mammoth project is evidence that he doesn’t understand how to really create long-term value. The true challenge is to lead based on a vision that applies both smart-growth and smart-urbanism economic principles to sustain or increase our future quality of life.

Maria Cristina Longo, Coral Gables