Letters to the Editor

Keys animal shelter a savior

I worked for many years with wildlife and nonprofit organizations. When I moved to the Florida Keys 10 years ago, I decided to work at the Upper Keys Animal Shelter because I love animals. I continued to work there.

I’m speaking out because recent sensational stories in local newspapers have painted the shelter in a bad light because of its kill rate.

This shelter does so much good for the community and addresses all types of issues, such as cruelty, noise complaints, dogs running free, adoptions and care of the local population.

The reality is every adoptable animal in the shelter is adopted. The shelter is the only organization that has provided free spay and neuter service for many years.

The animals are in shelters because of humans who either never fixed their pets or simply decide to dispose of them. Shelters such as the Upper Keys Animal Shelter are not the problem, they are the saviors.

Mariela Care, Islamorada