Letters to the Editor

Student debt

Ana Veciana-Suarez’s May 29 column on college debt highlights an issue that we at FIU are concerned about and are working to bring under control. We have taken concrete steps to help our students get a good start on their careers by removing financial obstacles:

▪ Golden Promise scholarships, available for the first time this fall, covers tuition for about 1,300 low-income freshmen.

▪ Significant dual-enrollment offerings that allow about 5,000 high school students to earn college credit and save about $5 million in college tuition.

▪ Pell Grants for summer classes, which Congress approved this year. At FIU, about half of our undergraduates receive Pell Grants.

The average debt for our students is about $18,000. We want to bring that figure down, but it is already much lower than the national average. Higher education is still the key to prosperity, and we are committed to making that dream a reality for thousands in our community.

Mark B. Rosenberg, president, Florida International University, Miami