Letters to the Editor

Clergy asks for support of Paris Accord

I urge our local elected officials to publicly take a stand in support of the Paris Accord as have the elected officials of New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, and a growing number of others.

As residents of Miami, we know only too well the dangers global climate change present to our city.

We have seen the effects of the king tides on our barrier island of Miami Beach, as flooding has at times crippled city streets.

We know what a Category 5 hurricane can do, as Andrew taught us, and are aware that climate change promises more frequent and more intense storms in the future.

And as far as jobs go, jobs in the renewable energy field have far outpaced those in coal.

As a Christian clergy person, I take my marching orders from the Book of Genesis, in which God gave humanity the fearsome responsibility for being caretakers of creation.

In our Episcopal baptismal vows, we promise to “strive for peace and justice among all people and respect the dignity of every human being.”

Respecting the dignity of all people means insuring that every person on earth has access to clean water, pure food, and clean air.

My church also has a day school. Each morning, our 3- to 11-year-olds make a pledge to the environment along with the Pledge of Allegiance:

“I promise to care for the Earth as my home and to respect it at all times.”

For our children and grandchildren, for the preservation of our beaches and reefs (not to mention the income they provide to this community through tourism), I urge city leaders to do the right thing and commit, publicly, to making our city one in which the goals of the Paris Accord are honored.

The Very Rev. Willie Allen-Faiella,

rector, St. Stephen’s

Episcopal Church,

Coconut Grove