Letters to the Editor

Cleaner planet

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, aside from making an unsubstantiated allegation that President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Accord means his denial of climate change, failed completely to explain how the terms and conditions of the Paris Accord would have — in any way, shape, or form — alleviated sea level rise in Florida.

The current terms of the Paris Accord do not provide a credible expectation to either reduce or reverse the effects of the causes believed to be responsible for the sea level rise throughout the world.

I concur with Wasserman Schultz that “world pollution” may be a contributing cause to climate change, so I would support a World Accord that would mandate the biggest polluters to take steps to reduce and correct the situation; each country to be directly financially responsible, proportionate to the level of pollution they create, just as a company polluting a river is solely responsible to correct the damages it has caused.

The main reason for leaving the Paris Accord was not a denial of climate change.

Tony Friguls,

Coral Gables