Letters to the Editor

University funding

Re the June 2 online article by Mary Ellen Klas, “Gov. Scott vetoes $409 million in local projects statewide”: I am a graduate of Florida’s public education system, and while I can appreciate his goal of increasing funding for K-12 education, Scott has ignored his obligation to reimburse the thousands of families who were affected by the loss of citrus trees.

He also has slashed funding from vital projects, such as university grants, aid programs, and university research programs.

Although these budget cuts were made in an effort to increase the quality of public education, $160 million was also set aside for Florida’s marketing agency and a program within the Department of Economic Opportunity.

This money belongs to the 100,000 Floridians who were promised reimbursement, but Scott has allowed his campaign promises to take priority, regardless of the legal consequences his actions, and the financial consequences his budget, could have on the state’s universities.

Tiffany Gomez, Hialeah