Letters to the Editor

Ariana Grande’s finest hour

I have never seen Ariana Grande sing. Until the terror attack in Manchester, England, I did not know her name. Following the attack, I heard her name mentioned several times but assumed I would soon forget it.

Then I learned she returned to Manchester to do a benefit concert with other entertainers. She arrived early so she could visit the hospital where the children injured in the attack were being treated. She brought Teddy bears, flowers, and hugs for every young girl in the hospital. She spent time with each and took selfies with them. She visited the families of the victims who died.

Grande had no obligation to do any of this. No one would have thought less of her had she not returned to Manchester at all, let alone visit victims in the hospital and the families of those killed.

I shall now always remember the name “Ariana Grande” with fondness and gratitude for her selfless acts of kindness toward her Manchester fans. Whatever else Ariana Grande may do in her life — to paraphrase Winston Churchill — this will be her finest hour.

Robert J. Bondi,