Letters to the Editor

Stroke over par

Re Greg Cote’s depiction of Tiger Wood’s as a fallen superstar: I disagree with his assessment. First, no general conclusions on his career should be formed other than that he transformed the sport and is the still the gold standard by which all current stars are judged. By that measure, he has not had an epic fall nor does his recent unfortunate incident tarnish his career. It was just a wake-up call, pun intended.

Cote is an insightful journalist, but he jumps all too easily on the journalistic bandwagon. An objective look at what has happened with Woods the last seven or eight years would show that he has suffered the death of his father, the loss of a marriage (not uncommon among celebrities, much less sports icons) and repeated bouts of ill health. And in spite of that, he did reach No. 1 in the world again in 2013.

So has Tiger Woods suffered an epic fall or merely been handicapped by self-inflicted and unintentional bad luck? The one thing no one should do is count out a champion, especially one who has achieved so much and is as competitive as Woods.

Mark Elman, Miami Beach