Letters to the Editor

I like Raquel

I first got involved in local politics last August during a mayoral debate in an overcrowded upstairs room in the YWCA headquarters in Overtown. That evening, I came to respect and admire Raquel Regalado. She was clearly the most experienced speaker and qualified public figure to challenge Mayor Carlos Gimenez.

I proudly cast my vote for her, but she lost.

Now, she has announced her intention to run as a moderate Republican for the U.S. House seat that Rep Ileana Ros-Lehtinen will vacate.

But next year, when I am knocking on doors in my district, I will likely be campaigning against the woman who I once supported and who I still hold in high regard.

I am confounded by the acrimonious relationship between government and the press, and disturbed by the untenable silence of House Republicans in response to a malfunctioning White House administration.

For left-leaning voters who believe in parity, winning back the House is a priority, even if it means voting against a qualified Republican like Raquel Regalado.

Michael Garrote,