Letters to the Editor

Good role models

I give workshops in Miami-Dade schools teaching children how to respect one another and resolve their conflicts without resorting to violence.

Some days, it feels like an uphill struggle, never more so than when I read the March 12 story Built to annihilate, about the Dolphins acquiring a new player who will give the team a “dose of nastiness,” and noted his NFL record of fouls. How can I be effective teaching children to be nonviolent when violence is celebrated in our national sport?

What’s the payoff for children when athletes prized for being annihilators are held up as role models?

Since it takes a village to raise a child, our village needs to celebrate the many good people in our midst who are the real champions working to bring peace and true progress to our community.

Kathy Hersh, co-founder, Momentum Leadership Initiative, Miami