Letters to the Editor

Goulds needs help

Goulds, a Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area community located in unincorporated Miami-Dade County, is losing vital social services and programs.

Goulds is a place where slum and blight conditions exist and where high unemployment rates affect all age groups, both men and women. Add to this crime, such as open street prostitution, which leads to all types of building and zoning code violations, and what is the county’s response?

Last year the CAA Service Center was closed, this year the Leroy Jones (NANA) Resource Center was closed. What’s next?

I asked the Goulds Community Action and Human Services Department/Public Housing and Community Development advisory committee this question, and their response was they don’t have the training to deal with issues like this and that Leroy Jones is a private businessman and, therefore, can do what ever he likes, even close his center.

The residents of Goulds don’t deserve this type of treatment.

Phillip Murray Jr., Homestead