Letters to the Editor

Suspicious deaths

Jay Weaver’s article about the tragic death of federal prosecutor Brandon J. Whisenant, whose fully clothed body was found in the water at Hollywood Beach, mirrored the articles about Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam’s death in New York.

In April, Judge Salaam’s fully clothed body was found in the water of New York’s Hudson River.

She had liberal leanings, often siding with immigrants, and the poor. Both were African American. The judge was Muslim. Both deaths are “suspicious,” and are being investigated, although Salaam’s death was initially, incorrectly, labeled a suicide.

Only four U.S. federal judges were murdered throughout the 20th Century, while two black jurists have now died in a single month.

As we move toward Vladimir Putin’s totalitarianism, and the constant murder of jurists and journalists who displease him, we will surely see these “suspicious” deaths skyrocket here too, as racism rises, and democracy shrivels and dies.

Henri Spiegel,

Miami Beach