Letters to the Editor

Bal Harbour work

To approve the Bal Harbour Shops expansion, the Village Council rewrote building and zoning restrictions that protected the residents, and gave the Shops almost everything they wanted.

Now the Shops are claiming they cannot proceed unless construction is allowed 24 hours a day for the next four to eight years.

A new noise ordinance to allow that, passed on first reading, and will be voted on June 20.

It would limit construction at night to 55 decibels, about “the level of normal conversation.”

The Shops have already protested that level and the method of measurement.

Residents, who do not want even the sound of people talking outside their windows all night and do not believe it can be kept to that level, have protested, too.

It should be obvious that a staging area and construction, less than a hundred yards from people’s homes, is going to be terribly disruptive to our lives. Proponents argue it is a mere “inconvenience” to the residents.

In fact, it would be a huge change from the quiet, luxurious community of Bal Harbour to Bal Horrible.

The Village Council should have the courage to vote against the Shops and for the residents on this.

Daniel Holder,

Bal Harbour