Letters to the Editor

Miami Herald Ice Cream Social

It was an honor and a pleasure to meet Miami Herald Publisher Alex Villoch, Editorial Page Editor Nancy Ancrum and Executive Editor Mindy Marques on Tuesday at the Miami Herald Ice Cream Social for several long-time writers of letters to the editor.

I am grateful for the Miami Herald and the staff’s hard word to keep me and the rest of our county, and the world, so well informed and up to date regarding the current news and events.

It was enlightening to hear them all speak with us loyal letters writers, and give us the ins and outs of how it all gets done, particularly the editorials. It was also great to see the faces and hear from other “repeat offenders” (letter writers like myself).

Of course, the highlight was the guest of honor, the incomparable Dave Barry, who made us all laugh equally, whether we are right (wrong) or left leaning.

Thank you again for hosting us, Miami Herald!

Monica Harvey,

Miami Shores