Letters to the Editor

Remember our veterans

Yes, today is a day to remember; a day for prayer, a clear understanding of war, and conflict.

Family members are veterans — I am a Vietnam veteran. Some have passed on; some are carrying forward in community service.

There are memories carried to death; the time in service changes a person. Death, in war or outside of war all are associated with conflict.

I find interesting that communication and negotiation did not avert some wars (World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and those of the present day), though communication, and negotiation did open the door for peaceful settlement in Europe, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam. These are open-door areas for us to visit.

U.S. corporations are now global with open trade. I wonder: Why all those fatalities? Would there have been a better way without physical conflict?

Let us not forget our country’s allies and the many, many civilians, especially children, who have died in wars, and who continue to die.

We need to remember — if we want a safe future — that communication for peace is better than dying for peace.

Louis Cohen, Tamarac