Letters to the Editor

Protect press freedoms

One of the defining distinctions of American values versus the values of countries with dictatorships and oligarchs, has been the fourth estate — and freedom of the press — that respects the country’s laws and also monitors and reports to its citizens.

Unfortunately, along with abusive discrimination against immigrants — in a country founded by immigrants — and the bullying of our international partners, we are also experiencing opposition to our right to be informed.

Specific examples abound from the Republicans: During Trump’s campaign, he insisted some reporters he deemed offensive be removed from his campaign appearances. And last week, Greg Gianforte, the Montana Republican candidate for the U.S. House, won handily even after physically assaulting a reporter respectfully asking a question.

As a former reporter, I am disheartened by the dark shadows I experience while living in the land of Sunshine Laws.

Susan Ackley, Miami Shores