Letters to the Editor

A good Samaritan

On May 24, on busy Collins Avenue and 70th Street in Miami Beach, I witnessed an act of kindness.

The light turned red, and a woman in a wheelchair was attempting to cross the four-lane intersection as quickly as she could. I was in the second row from the right and two cars behind the intersection.

In a split second, the car at the far right at the light stopped, put on blinker lights, and a man jumped from his car to assist the woman in the wheelchair.

The light changed just as they got to the corner and while he crossed her to the opposite side as well, the traffic moved forward.

I wanted to stop my car and applaud this unknown person, but I knew the other drivers, especially those who had not seen this kind act, would not know what I was doing.

In a world of acts of violence and prejudice, this selfless act of kindness and humanitarianism stood out. I hope that this will become the norm as good overcomes evil.

Barbara Pekor,

Miami Beach