Letters to the Editor

Managing senseless violence with technology

Two seconds. That’s all it took to turn a lovely summer evening into a scene of mass hysteria.

Such was the singer Ariana Grande concert in Manchester last week. Teens and young adults were simply out to enjoy an evening of music when their world forever became scared.

In this case, a suicide bomber decided to impose the agenda of the Islamic State. In the face of this tragedy, parents everywhere are looking to law enforcement officers to enhance their procedures, keeping their loved ones safer and the parents better informed, unfortunately, it takes a senseless act like this to motivate change.

The entire airport and airline security system was changed in light of the horrific events of 9-11. How many young people will have to be injured and killed before these victims find a voice for change as well?

Few people are willing to be mavericks for change. These pioneers gain satisfaction from their efforts by knowing that they are truly making a difference. Several of these pioneers can be found in the Miami-Dade area.

Recently, the city of Miami joined the cities of Doral and Coral Gables in adopting the In-telligent communication platform, the only private sector communications company that can wake a sleeping cell phone by overriding the silent or do not disturb functions to immediately notify the user of life threatening danger and instructing them for their best course of action.

With this free platform in place, these city leaders will be able to quickly, easily and efficiently communicate with all the people of South Florida during times of crisis; eliminating uncertainty and anxiety during these life threatening events. Others in Miami-Dade are already investigating on how best to use the platform. These pioneers are trying to make Miami as safe as possible.

Allan C. Sutherland,

Founder, President and CEO,

In-telligent LLC