Letters to the Editor

Connect Miami

Re: Your Connect Miami column published May 21. It is difficult to think of a more creative idea. One truly hopes that this magnificent effort would end up leading to a national Connect Miami.

It is something that, to be frank, couldn’t be more timely. Why do I say this? Because at the root of recent developments, the old question of “Who is an American?” has resurfaced. Therefore, we are in need of restating the answer one more time. America is not a race. America is not a religion. America is not an ethnic group. America is not a privileged class group. America is an idea.

We are all brothers and sisters in freedom. And yes, because we are exceptional, we have become suffering humanity’s good, last hope. It is due to this last point that we, as a nation, must play our cards with a maximum amount of wisdom these days.

I can’t help but remember a favorite hero, José Martí, and his famous line: “To get together is the word of the world.” His emphasis, of course, was on our essential link as human beings.

Long before, Jesus had prayed for the unity of all Christians. His emphasis was not on theology but on a common spiritual link. Yet, for us, as Americans, our unity is based on a commitment to freedom, as it is clearly expressed in the Constitution.

Felipe Fernandez, Miami