Letters to the Editor

So long, Mr. Clyde E. Roach

I’m writing on behalf of Clyde E. Roach. You probably recognize Clyde’s name. He was a frequent letters to the Editor contributor in the editorial section of the Miami Herald, providing a distinct humor at times and an often pragmatic take on current world and local events. He called out some of the most flagrant polarizing and questionable human behavior by pointing out the obvious in a kind and gentle way that was always thought-provoking.

Captain Roach worked for Eastern Air Lines most of his adult life, first playing on the baseball team, then in maintenance and commissary until 1942 and WWII, when he enlisted in the Army Air Corp.

Clyde had a distinguished flying career, starting with Troop Carrier Command, dropping Airborne troops from a C-47 over Normandy, and saving the lives of his crew when he had to ditch in the English Channel.

Clyde will be missed by many whose lives he has touched, including me, a son-in-law who thinks he was one of the most intelligent men he has ever had the privilege of knowing.

So long my friend. Now you really, truly know all the answers to all of life’s questions.

Keth Allen,


EDITOR’S NOTE: We’ll also miss Mr. Roach’s wonderful letters to our inbox. Condolences to his family. Please read an obit on Mr. Roach by Howard Cohen in Sunday’s newspaper.