Letters to the Editor

Bad idea

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has directed federal prosecutors to follow mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines.

This is an unnecessary return to past “tough on crime” practices that will do more harm than good. This will expand the federal prison population and inflate federal spending on incarceration.

Instead of providing people who commit low-level drug offenses or who are struggling with mental illness with treatment, support, and rehabilitation programs, the policy will subject them to decades of incarceration.

There are 7 million people now under correctional supervision, probation, parole, jail, or prison. This represents 3 percent of adults, or about one out of every 35 U.S. residents.

Why would deficit hawks and conservatives support a policy that increases the federal budget and deficit and at the same time makes our country less safe?

Sessions, like President Trump, talks tough, but their policies actually would make our country less “great.”

Kenneth Karger,