Letters to the Editor

Lawmakers’ conflict

I thank Miami Herald columnist Fabiola Santiago for shining a light on the blatant conflict of interest between legislators and charter schools (“Some legislators are profiting at the expense of public education,” May 21). Why even have ethics laws if they are ignored in cases like this?

The fact that Manny Diaz and others push through and pass legislation that directly benefits their own bank accounts is shameful. It’s bad enough that public schools have to work with the limited budgets they are given and that money is siphoned away to charter schools.

How does it make sense that a for-profit corporation can open and operate charter schools using public funds?

Until the parents of children in the public school system and other members of the public vote these people out and elect others who will close these loopholes, our school system and community will continue to be cheated. The results will be long-lasting.

Avi Witz,