Letters to the Editor

Heritage event fails

We decided to take the day off to go visit the Cuban Nostalgia event on May 19 and revisit our heritage. Knowing that the event opened at 11 a.m., we decided to wait a bit, figuring 1 p.m. would be a good time.

We arrived, paid the entry fee, and were surprised that at least a third of the vendors were not set up. Many of the food services, and jewelers, were still trying to set up. And none of the Barcardi bars were open.

We immediately went outside and asked for a refund. After a lengthy and insulting wait, we were informed by the ‘manager’ (who would not give his name) that there were no refunds. The doors were open…period. The vendors were not his issue.

Respectfully, that was an insult to anyone attending.

I can understand that “contractually” the vendors may not be required to be ready at the opening time, but to sell tickets knowing you are not providing the event as advertised is fraudulent.

While I had spread the word of this event, believing it was a great means of showcasing my Cuban heritage, I regret having done so.

This was simply an embarrassment of my heritage. A hurtful embarrassment.

Max Tojeiro, Miami