Letters to the Editor

Worker housing

I’m not sure where to point the finger in the May 21 story, “Tourism’s invisible army;” or, being totally honest, whether to point fingers at all.

Odelie Paret’s trek, to and from her tourist industry job on Miami Beach, is oppressive. Based upon her photo, in the “good old days” she better have made her exit from Miami Beach before the sun set...bad enough in and of itself.

Is the problem the lack of usable public transportation?

That certainly figures into it. But so does the affordable housing dilemma.

Anyone seeking to add, or even refurbish, any units on Miami Beach — or anywhere for that matter — should be required to create affordable housing based on the number of tourist units they are seeking. They can certainly afford to do this.

I wonder how many would have the stamina to take on Paret’s commute, based on the small reward at the end — and the manager’s failure to grant overtime pay, his discrimination and even intimidation.

Is this the way to support the workers who carry our South Florida tourist industry on their backs? The answer is a resounding no!

Kristi Bettendorf, Miami