Letters to the Editor

Single-payer best

“Freedom From Fear,” Norman Rockwell’s poignant 1943 illustration of a set of parents watching over their sleeping child during World War II, is as relevant today as it was then. Millions of Americans are living in fear of never being able to obtain health insurance and the financial devastation that can ensue without it. Millions of others fear losing the insurance they already have.

A single-payer system would free Americans from all of these fears. There are millions who, after decades of hard work, can afford to retire but do not dare because they are too young to qualify for Medicare. There are millions of others who would love to be able to leave their jobs in order to start their own businesses, but are held back because of insurance concerns.

Imagine how freedom from these fears would add to our lives personal kfreedom, sense of well being and entrepreneurship. Parents would feel free to move closer to their out-of-town children and grandchildren. Creativity would be unleashed to open new small businesses, creating jobs and widening our tax base. People at the top tier at their jobs would be able leave making room for younger employees to rise. Families who can’t afford a mortgage because of exorbitant insurance costs would have more expendable income to do so. Employers would have healthier and happier employees increasing efficiency and productivity.

Real-estate markets would be stimulated by our population’s increased mobility. The economic benefits of this new freedom would change the lives of almost all Americans.

Universal healthcare would help fulfill the promise of our American creed: freedom and justice for all.

David Feliu,Coral Gables