Letters to the Editor

Roxcy Bolton’s legacy

I first met Roxcy Bolton when I moved next door to her. Although had I lived in Coral Gables for many years, I did not recognize her name. I did recognize, however, what a thoughtful, generous soul she was.

She came over and introduced herself, and when she discovered I was a single mother with a 15-month-old, she became my friend. I guess Roxcy had a way of finding those that needed her most.

While I was Roxcy’s neighbor, she was patiently, diligently and lovingly caring for her invalid husband.

While her legacy may be viewed in terms of women’s and civil rights, she was as compassionate and caring for her own family and neighbors as she was about the homeless on the street or the person sitting next to her on a bus.

Roxcy had the full wholeness of a human being who valued the dignity of others, the ability to be outraged by injustice, and having the courage to do something about it.

That was my friend and neighbor, Roxcy Bolton; you will be deeply missed.

Catherine Stewart,

Coral Gables