Letters to the Editor

Thanks Sen. Braynon

One of the most difficult debates to watch this Legislative session in Tallahassee involved efforts to take Glades property and turn it into a storage reservoir for unwanted water flowing mostly from communities north of Lake Okeechobee.

For us, the idea of taking our land was personal. The fact that they wanted to store their water problems on our farmland — the very land that supports our livelihoods was insulting.

I was proud to join my fellow Glades residents in defeating Senate President Joe Negron’s plans to purchase 60,000 acres of farmland to build a reservoir that science shows will not stop discharges or algae blooms in the future.

We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Sen. Oscar Braynon, who spoke out strongly against the land buy and ultimately, helped to ensure it was removed from Senate Bill 10. Sen. Braynon understands the importance of keeping our communities together and not letting the radical environmentalists tear our communities apart.

Sen. Braynon is a strong champion for the people of the Glades, and we are fortunate to have him representing us in the Florida Senate.

Janet Taylor, Clewiston